Nasal Epistaxis Clamp

In the United States alone every year over fifty million adults and children will suffer from a nosebleed. The causes are many, including minor trauma, elevated blood pressure, dry nasal mucous membrane, excessive amounts of prescribed blood thinners, as well as nose picking and repeated rubbing. The great majority of patients go to their local Emergency Department or urgent care center seeking help to control the bleeding, often by ambulance, thereby drastically increasing the overall cost of medical care in the United States.

Clinical research has determined that 95% of nosebleeds occur in the anterior portion of the nose and can be safely controlled at home with proper compression of the nostrils for five to ten minutes.

The rapid control device described here is the first new design of an external compression device to control nosebleeds in over two decades. It was ergonomically designed based on nasal anatomy for maximal coverage of the intranasal bleeding site. It has no-slip technology due to a new age design of over two hundred 2mm circular raised bubbles on the interior surface of the device. These bubbles not only prevent slippage, but also increase the compression surface area by 60% over a flat surface compression device, creating 4.69 square inches of surface area.

At the same time the limbs of the device were designed to generate three to five pounds per square inch of external compression force to the nostrils to control active bleeding, compared to the currently marketed device that creates less than one half pound per square inch of compression force with a surface area of less than 0.5 square inches. The overall differences in both design and clinical effectiveness are dramatic.

The device is easy to apply by pulling the limbs apart, then applying them to the entire nostril surface.

It is composed of a plastic based material, and designed for single person usage while being washable and reusable by that individual. This recently patented device is manufactured and packaged with easy to read instructions.